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y4y f0r pUnX

trew er falze!

benji and joel r sooooo punk! lYk3 0mGzzzz iM s0o0o0o0o n0t g4y orrz 4nYt1nG, bUt I w0uld s0o0o0o t0t41Ly h4v3 b0tH tHe1r b4b13s aT tEh s4me tYmzzzz
avril rawks!! lYk3 t0t41Lyzzz, OMGz 1 w1zH i c0u1d lyk m3eT h3rrr, sH33 1s lYk t3h 4w3s0meSt eVaaaa
hawt topik is lyke totallie gathik and scene!!! lyk t0t41Ly lYk i g3tzz a1l mi sTuFf fRoM tHeReee, lYk I g0tZ tEh m0sT HaRdXcore b3lT TeH oTh3r d4y fRoM tHeRee
black is the new pink! 000fFfFf c0rSe3e, bLaCk iS lYk tEh m0sT HaRdXcore c00loUr Ev4r
ashlee simpson makes me wanna LALA! L4L4 4lL oVeRrr tEh pLaCe
tYpIn lYk3 d1s iS s000 pUnX!!! lYk DuhHhHhHHHhh
HILARY SUX! Fux h3rrr

wut d0 u thik abot boosh and ab0rshin n stuff ratein communities lyke to tak aboute?: lYk Yy sH0lDD i c4eR? tHeY RnT HaRdXcore pUnX
d0 Ya Lyk3 mA ShIrt? lYk yUrR sHiRt iZzZ s0o0o0o pUnX r4wX
D0 yA lYk3 Da LaYouT? ItZzzZ lYk tEh Co0l3sT tInG s3nCe Go0d cHaRl3t3

uthr stuFF

sk8ur boi or em0 grrrl??? iZzz so0o0o t0t4lLy a Sk8r BoI, I c4n r0lL dOwN t3h r0aD oN mI Sk8r BoRd aNd s0m3TiMeZz i eVaN tRy tO jUmPPP!!!1121
wut r u wherein? lYk tEh pUnxi3sT cLoTh3s eVaaa
wut r u lisenin 2 rite now? lYk nOtInG, i cRusHeD mI Cd Pl4y3r iN a MoSh pIt aT a BlInK 182 cOnCeRt, aNd iM tOo HaRdXcore tO gO tO wAlMaRt
wutz ur faverite cuhlor? lYk Wh4t oThRR CoOluEr iS tHeRe teHn BlaCk??//?/..
whoz ur faverite punk? yOoo wAnTzz mI tOO cHoOs3 jUsT oNeee? lYk oMgZzz tHaTs tOoo hArD, tHeRez lYk sOoO mAnY tHaT RaWx mI SaWx
how old r u? iM lYk aTeEEn
post uh pic uv ur punx rawkur self!
lYk mI c4m3r4 wAs lYk sMaSh3d aT tEh sAm3 cOnCeRt aZ mI Cd Pl4y3r
Image hosted by tHiZ iZ mI t0t4lLy 4w3s0m3 p3t m0uZe, iDk wHaT h3s d0iNg bUt m0Mi s4iD t0o0 lEeV hIm 4l0n3
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