Narutard (evney) wrote in punxrawk,

Don't pr33r guys, 'cause I've come to make a post. Datte-bayo!!!

trew er falze!

benji and joel r sooooo punk! I'd buttfux them.
avril rawks!! I'd buttfux her too.
hawt topik is lyke totallie gathik and scene!!! Of course, they sell Naruto stuff. ;o
black is the new pink! No. ORANGE is the new pink.
ashlee simpson makes me wanna LALA! D:
tYpIn lYk3 d1s iS s000 pUnX!!! No! You have to type in l33t sp33k. See, I'm not even l33t enough to do so.
HILARY SUX! My cawk.

wut d0 u thik abot boosh and ab0rshin n stuff ratein communities lyke to tak aboute?: Hmmm... I think anime should be prez.
d0 Ya Lyk3 mA ShIrt? If it has Inuyasha on it. No. Other then that it's a-okay!
D0 yA lYk3 Da LaYouT? Needs moar pr0n.

uthr stuFF

sk8ur boi or em0 grrrl??? I don't think they have those in anime o_O;; I pick which ever one has more buttsecks.
wut r u wherein? Naruto t-shirt, of course.
wut r u lisenin 2 rite now? No Doubt. ;o
wutz ur faverite cuhlor? D: Wut?
whoz ur faverite punk? If by 'punk' you mean HAWTEST GUY THAT EVER LIVED. I pick Sasuke.
how old r u? Old enough to legally buy pr0nz.
post uh pic uv ur punx rawkur self!
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